Shivawn was hired to convert my book into a screenplay. I am very pleased with the finished product. She maintained the integrity of my voice and created scenes that I am excited to see come to life on screen. She is very easy to work with and completed the project in a timely manner.

Anthony C.

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Creativity, filmmaking and mental health wellness are key themes in Shivawn Mitchell’s life and career. The Virginia native and Wilkes University graduate wants to be remembered as a woman who gave other women permission to live their dreams. As the author of two published books, producer of a podcast show and owner of The Creative Outsiders, Shivawn is doing her part to make sure women’s voices are being represented throughout various mediums in media.

After, attending film school for screenwriting Shivawn assisted in developing and implementing the visual brand and identity of many women owned businesses such as; Southern Roots Kitchen, Di’Vine Styling, Passport Moda, and Salon Noa. Since committing to her filmmaking career she has gone on to win the accolades of the “Official Winner of Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival, Top Indie Film Award, two time Africana Independent Film Festival  and the Hollywood Screenings Film Festival Semifinalist.”  

As a filmmaker, Shivawn’s stories tackle many social justice issues. Her most recent short film that is in post-production is entitled, “Lifting Crowns”. With this film it is her goal to utilize her Counseling degree as well as her storytelling skills to open the dialogue about mental health in the creative community.

Shivawn launched The Creative Outsiders in 2016 to connect the dots for women storytellers. Through education, inspiration and storytelling, The Creative Outsiders have equipped thousands of women to become filmmakers.

As a speaker Shivawn focuses on developing the voice of other storytellers, using your influence as a filmmaker and the mental health wellness of creatives.

Shivawn lives by the quote, “If your dream only includes you, it’s too small.” We aren’t mean to be an island unto ourselves or reach a level of success and not have helped people along the way.

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