Shivawn A. Mitchell

Shivawn Mitchell is a producer, director and writer as well as the founder of Sam Studios and The Creative Outsiders. Sam Studios is the production hub that houses a 80 percent female production team that creates film, TV and digital series for distribution across all platforms. Through The Creative Outsiders we train and ignite new voices of storytellers with education, mentorship, and our version of film school. It is our mission to provide opportunities for filmmakers to collaborate across the table.

We are here to show you it's possible to live your film making dreams.

Connecting the Dots for Storytellers




 Real life through reel life. We tell stories of ordinary people doing the extraordinary.

 The Creative Outsiders


 The Creative Outsiders Mission is to connect the dots for adult and teen storytellers through training, education and mentorship. We are igniting new voices to produce stories in film and media.


 Happy Clients

Working with Shivawn and her team was amazing. It was so refreshing to see how engaged and professional she was. She loved my concept and truly ran with it. Menstrual/Period poverty is something that affects millions of women, but many don’t speak on it. Shivawn help to bring my vision to life on screen and in the process she learned more about this plight and has taken steps to become an advocate for those women who have lack of access to basic necessities like menstrual hygiene products. Her Padded Truth will forever be great fun and thankful for your support and craftsmanship.
— Charlene D. Bell



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