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Hi, I’m Shivawn

Since the age of 7, I was consistently told by strangers that I was too quiet and even asked if something wrong with me? Those words shaped how I saw myself and not for the better. However, I was able to find my voice through journal writing. Today those journals still hold my challenges, laughter, ideas and a few tears.

At 30 something you are suppose to have it figured out. I was sitting at my 9 to 5 totally over it because I knew I was chosen to create. I turned in my two weeks notice only to have to eat humble pie and ask for my job back. That pushed me to start my own production company, finish two books, complete my MFA in screenwriting and work on several award winning film projects.

So you know your girl thought she had it together. Until life continued to hit me with many emotional blows. Digging deep I had to confront the emotional baggage of my past so I could heal my heart and create from a place of wholeness.

I’m here to challenge your low level thinking about yourself so you can create from a healthy place and tell the stories that only you can. You are chosen, peculiar a creative outsider who will lead the way for other women to use their voice.

If you landed here I’m pretty sure you’ve already created something amazing . But if you haven’t do you feel like something is holding you back? Or are you the creative that’s hit a creative block and can’t seem to get past it? Hit the start here button to see if you need to heal your art?


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The Virginia native and Wilkes University graduate wants to be remembered as a woman who gave other women permission to live their dreams. As the author of two published books, producer of a podcast show and owner of The Creative Outsiders, Shivawn is doing her part to make sure women’s voices are being represented throughout various mediums in media.

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Who are The Creative Outsiders?

A sisterhood of women filmmakers who collaborate with one another to tell the stories that we are chosen to tell. Through meetups we connect the dots for women filmmakers. From the west coast to the east coast we have provided resources to thousands of women to equip them to create films.

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Weekly Podcast

Think film school in under an hour. Our podcast highlights the journey of Women filmmakers while establishing career. Our previous guest include Emmy nominated, award winning owners of their own Production Company.

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The Creative Outsiders

It’s our goal to inspire other women to take the leap and become actively involved in filmmaking. No matter the role they decide to partake in we wanted to be able to give tangible evidence that it is possible.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

— Maya Angelou

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